Building Resources

Let US Bring the Heaven's Upon the Earth 

Before The Blindness upon their iEYE’s 

to the Image of The Beast

That they Unknowingly Worship 

. . . ed with Head Bowed, more than any 

Other DESIRE Before the+iR 

Deceived Hearts & Minds!

We’ve All Bitten The Apple in the Garden!

Have YOU Finally Bitten in Deep Enough to the Rotten Apple’s iCORE with Wide Open Eyes?

How Can WE, the Spiritual Tribes of Israel,

 Rebuild the TRUE Holy Temple 

That is Found Only Deep Inside?

Let US Move in The Way “WE” should GO!

  1. Love Our Father, YeHoVaH, w/All Our Heart, Mind & Spirit by Honoring His Son Yeshua, the, first day, Great Outer Court Temple Light that created all souls then all things of this earth only as His Father revealed upon His Son’s Heart.
  2. Love one another as one loves themselves.
  3. Honor the Commandments of YeHoVaH, showing Our Love for Him by honoring them all.
  4. Humble Ourselves each morning, kneeling in supplication & prayer upon rising in Spirit.  
  5. Present Ourselves as a Living Sacrifice, killing the Beast within, Our carnal nature.
  6. Commune with Yeshua daily in His Word, allowing Him to teach us by revelation.
  7. Remember the Sabbath Day, Keep it Holy - RECHARGE for the Next SIX DAYS.
  8. Drink in ONLY Living Water, which is DISTILLED water Prepared by willing vessels.
  9. Come Out of Mystery Babylon, turn off that TV!  Never Sleep with the worlds programing.
  10. Minimize Use of Wifi & Cellular activity in our homes, especially around our children.
  11. Set Our Minds upon Heavenly things, seeking Our Father’s will and timing continually.
  12. Fast in Spirit & Truth, eating only Manna, which is Angel food found in His Holy Scripture.
  13. Become foolish, spiritually discerned, that WE may become WISE in The BLOOD!
  14. Re-Build the FINAL Holy Temple WITHIN!  Bringing Heaven Upon the Earth in A Cloud with soft Gentle Rain!  This is The Way an Anointed One walks In The Garden Every Day

with Our Melchizedek - Our King of Righteousness

Yeshua Hamashiach

ישוע המשיח

.  .  .  which Jesus do You Serve? 

Let Each Willing Vessel put on
The Spiritual Breastplate of Truth and Righteousness!

Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 11.06.31 AM


Photo of the Priestly Hoshen Breastplate above Presented with Much Appreciation & Gratitude for OUR Brother’s at The Temple Institute in Jerusalem.

Let yOUR prayer’s include thought’s like these Bee's:

Father we send our thanks and love for your word of truth

that your name Bee sanctified, YeHoVaH, before men this day,

that your Kingdom Bee Blessed In the Heaven’s found in

the Tabernacle of our Heart’s and Mind’s,

that your Will Bee Done in the Heaven’s . . .

FIRST, Then upon the Earth with Sadness & Great Joy.

 Let US receive bread, Manna, continually each day.

Guide US in Repentance & Change US into what 

You created US to become in The Kingdom of Light.

Forgive US of Our Inequity, as WE Repent & Confess each Day,

Only in like manner as WE forgive Others 

that knowingly or unknowingly work Inequity

toward US or OUR Families. 

Convict Our Hearts with Righteousness iN 

Your Holy Spirit who teaches US TRUTH!

Show US Your Glory!

Take US not into the hands of a TEST 

and Deliver US from ALL EVIL.

Strengthen US with The Sword of Glory, 

the LIVING WORD of YeHoVaH’s Son Yeshua,

as WE say Our prayer’s each morning, OUR FIRST

DESIRE, upon Rising while humbling Ourselves

upon Our Knees, Bowing Our Heads, plunging


Killing The Image of the BEAST withiN US

with a Heaven’s Felt Repented Heart.

Let it BEE!

Who are YOU Mary . . . ed too?

Did she have siX sisters?

Bee Set FREE - The TRUTH will Set US ALL FREE!

Seek Good, Not Evil

Hate Evil, Love Goodness & Mercy

Save The Remnant of Spirtual Israel

by Establishing Righteousness at Her Gates



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