Sonshine SuperM3N!


Are You an Overcomer S33King to CroSSover 1n2 Everlasting Glory?
Mighty Friend?  REPENT and B3E Baptized to Begin the Manna FAST!

YeHoVaH’s Anointed Mind s3En only by those with Yeshua’s Testimony!

Forgiveness is The Key!  The Door is Open to all those that DARE 2 ENTER 1N, for that awaiting portion of yOUR Forgiveness - since the foundation of the world - for this moment in time, yOUR everlasting moment until 70 x 7 is FULL!  Then yOUR PrecioUS REWARD shall B33 Tried 1n The WORD of TRUTH un2 PERFECTION!

The Mystery of the Divine Nature revealed before the eyes of blind men.

Logansport, LA - Home of The Hanukkite Guardians of the Aviv!

All Our Brother’s, anointed with Power & Grace, receive Your MysTery, for the world has been blinded  by the Ash Upon their Face.  Haight Ashbury - B3E Groovy!

yOUR Game Changer, Kenneth Harvey, is number 42 on the Top Right Corner!
The veil that YOU SEA is 1 44!  Awake!!! Arise!!! The 
Bridegroom, Yeshua, is Coming!

and HIS REWARD is with HIM!

Come & Witness along side Our River and SEA the Cypress & the Myrtle TREES with US FOREVER!

Can’t come to the SEA, the JewEL, between Texas & Louisiana?  Then B3E Groovy with US in the middle of
Love & Haight,

San Fransisco, CA - Home of The Hanukkite Warriors of Silicon Valley!

How Rood is yOUR Gr00ve!  Yea!

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