Let Us Go Along The Way, Re-Building the Temple Within

The 1959 Prophecy & Vision of Miracle Valley, AZ.


Do YOU Believe?

 Miracle Valley shall be a Goshen as The Bride of the Anointed One, Yeshua, Prepare themselves for His Coming Glory and Wedding Feast!

Please Support the Restoration of All Things & Our efforts in Manna Fast’IN the Kingdom of Heaven upon the earth.

Mighty Friends & Son’s of Love let US join hands together and walk in the Revelation of Who We are to Become, receiving the Spiritual Anointing upon Our Tribal Family.

Awake!  Arise!
The Bridegroom, Yeshua, is about to APPEAR!  Let US prepare, Filling the Spiritual Menorah with oil inside our Tabernacle that we may go out into the darkness of this world to meet Him, Yeshua, Our Father’s Glory Everlasting.

Transfigured into what WE were created to become
in the Twinkling of an EYE!

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